5 Incentives You Can Offer When Selling Your House in Chandler

Putting your house on the market is a stressful thing to do, and it can take some time and patience to get it sold. To help speed things up and make your sale a success, here are 5 incentives you can offer when selling your house in Chandler.


When potential buyers are looking through listings, they often filter search results based on their budget.

Responsible buyers will be budget-conscious, and they will have a hard time seeing past that initial asking price. That asking price makes an important first impression, and this will mean limiting the number of buyers who are even aware of your for sale property from the get-go.

If you’re willing to be flexible and realistic with pricing your property, you create better value for the buyers, and they will come flocking. You’re better off having a realistic and lower asking price that attracts a group of buyers who could bid against one another than dealing with one buyer who possesses a lot of leverage in negotiations.


If you’re in the middle of negotiations and it appears your buyer is about to go for things but just isn’t quite sure yet, you could offer to cover part of their closing costs.

Buyers get bombarded with fees for this and that at closing, and offering to cover a portion of those is one of the often-utilized incentives you can offer that is very alluring to that buyer who just needs a little push to close the deal.

Chances are you’re coming out of the sale of your property with some money to spare, and taking a small bite out of those profits can make everyone’s life a bit easier.


At the time of presenting an offer and then through negotiations, buyers have the opportunity to present contingencies for their buying the property.

It’s very common that these contingencies will include requests for repairs, especially if your property is found to not meet local codes during an inspection. If you’re unwilling or unprepared to make these repairs yourself, consider giving the buyer credit or payment for the repairs listed in their contingency as one of the incentives you can offer.

Something as simple as a gift card to the buyer’s home improvement store of choice could be the quick remedy to this impasse. Get creative to find common ground and make the negotiation a success.


In the event you weren’t planning on leaving appliances, furnishings, or furniture you can also offer to leave them behind as a solid incentive.

Typically, the fewer items a buyer has to move into the property, the better. Also, by including these items, you’re once again giving the buyer more value out of their possible property purchase.

You may find that the buyer has certain items of their own they want to move in and would only like to keep one or two items. Unless a buyer has plans to change things up in the home, they often like to keep any window furnishings – so that could be a high-value target for the buyer.


Purchasing a new appliance with a warranty can bring a great sense of security, and it’s no different with a home.

Providing a warranty for buyers on an appliance or utility is a useful tool to maintain or increase their interest. This helps the buyer feel that the property they’re buying has been cared for and is considered dependable.

It also lets them know that if something were to go wrong, they would have a safety net. Warranties can be purchased for individual items or the entire home and usually don’t cost much in the grand scheme of things.

If you would like some guidance determining what incentives you can offer potential buyers, reach out to our Chandler team of professionals today at (602) 430-5755!

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