The 5 Top Things to Ask Your Agent When Selling Your House in Chandler

When getting ready to put your house up for sale, there are few decisions you can make that will impact how much your home sells for and how quickly it sells more than choosing the right agent who is willing to work with you. To help get your agent search headed in the right direction, here are the 5 top things you ask your agent when selling your house in Chandler.

How Would You Price My Home?

Right out of the gate, it’s a great idea to get an idea of the working knowledge each agent has for the local market. 

Any agent worth their salt is going to look at the final sale prices of similar houses in your area to lead them to a conclusion. This data is known as neighborhood comparables or comps. An agent should be able to take into account any unique features, strengths, and even weaknesses to influence the pricing. 

The way your agent goes about pricing your home is of utmost importance since the price the home hits the market at can control if your home sale will sink or swim.

How Can We Make the Neighborhood a Selling Point?

Creative agents know that they aren’t just selling your home, they’re selling the culture, amenities, and location of the neighborhood in which your home resides. 

To be able to do this effectively, the agent needs to have an understanding of the type of buyer that is likely to look at a home in your area. The potential buyer demographic then pushes what locations are more significant to emphasize in order to generate more interest. 

For example, families want homes close to well-rated schools and parks while an older demographic is more likely to desire peace and quiet.

What Sort of Additional Contacts or Resources Do You Have Access to?

Every agent cultivates relationships with all sorts of professionals working adjacent to – or to supplement – their own services. 

Some agents may have the ability to call in a professional photographer to make your listing look spectacular with a beautiful photo set. Another agent could be able to have a 3D tour or video tour done of your property. 

Whatever the case, having an understanding of who your agent can bring in to make your listing look amazing does nothing but provide you with more tools when selling your house in Chandler for the highest possible price.

What Should I Do to Prepare My Property for the Market?

As a seller looking to set their best foot forward from day one on the market, showing your home to an agent and seeing how they think you can add that extra bit of polish can go a long way. 

It’s always a good idea to have a third party do a walkthrough of your home in order to find the little things that can add up to a potential buyer heading for the hills, and an agent brings that extra critical eye to the table.

What Are the Expected Costs?

Lastly, you want to have a clear understanding of what the agent’s services are going to cost you upfront. 

A lot of sellers are under the impression that commission is non-negotiable, and this is not true. So, if you’re feeling like a slight adjustment to your agent’s commission could make all the difference, ask as tactfully as possible about them accepting a percent or two less than their usual rate. 

The worst-case scenario is they tell you no, and the ball is then in your court to either proceed or go back to the drawing board. Your agent needs to have your best interests in mind at all times and not solely focus on their payday.

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