5 Reasons to Choose West USA Realty When Buying a Home in Chandler

Homebuyers and home sellers are more often than not on opposite sides of the transaction fence. The goals of one are very often the opposite of the goals of the other. A seller, for example, wants to sell for as much as possible, and a buyer typically wants to pay as little as possible. So a win for one is a loss for the other. This adversarial buyer-seller relationship is the main reason you need a good local agent associated with a reputable agency, especially if you’re buying a home in Chandler.

The problem, though, lies in figuring out which of the many agencies and agents you can trust to meet your needs. So let’s make it simple. Here are 5 reasons to choose West USA Realty when buying a home in Chandler.

1. Search Support

Although shopping for a new home can be an exciting adventure, it can often turn into a long, frustrating, tedious affair. That’s why most buyers can benefit from the services of a good agency in this early stage of buying a home in Chandler.

“[Y]our agent will set up a consult to gain a good understanding of what characteristics and features of a home are important to you, and help you prioritize those factors to narrow the search. Once those factors are determined, the agent will sift through all available listings to find the options that are worth scheduling a showing for the buyer to see in person. While this may seem like something that’s easy enough to do on your own, it can be very time-consuming, and without the help of a real estate agent’s inside scoop, you may waste your time.”

Discover more about how West USA Realty can help you optimize your home search by calling (602) 430-5755.

2. Knowledge of What to Look For

Another area where buyers often run into difficulties when buying a home in Chandler is in knowing what to look for. You may know exactly what you’re looking for in a home, but you may not know how to recognize the signs of major problems.

Your West USA Realty agent, however, “will be alert for issues that might not cross your mind, such as furnace issues, leaks, roofing problems, and mold and insect issues. An agent will recognize the telltale signs of these problems and know how best to approach them. Again, this experience and knowledge can end up saving you thousands down the road.”

A good agent can also provide all the relevant data you need on the neighborhood, such as the quality of schools, crime rates, and demographics. Ultimately, a great home in a bad neighborhood isn’t a good choice.

3. Negotiating Skills

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of negotiating price and concessions, most buyers are at a disadvantage. They simply don’t have the requisite experience and expertise to negotiate the best deal possible. If you try to go it alone, the end result is that you will likely pay far too much when buying a house in Chandler.

West USA Realty agents “are trained to negotiate well . . . They know what normally works and what does not. Most have tried-and-true techniques all their own. And, most importantly, they have no emotional stake in the outcome that can cloud their thinking.” 

It is one of your agent’s primary jobs to get you the best possible price and the best deal. To find out more about this, just call (602) 430-5755.

4. Willingness to Communicate

One thing you should always look for in an agent is a willingness to communicate frequently and by your chosen method. The last thing you want is an agent who doesn’t keep you updated about possible listings, and when she does get in touch, uses email when you prefer texts. 

Our agents are always ready to communicate the way you want and will keep you updated on developments. You won’t have to worry about constantly calling your agent to get the information you need.

5. Adherence to Fiduciary Responsibility

Buying a home in Chandler will likely be the largest financial transaction of your life, so you want to be sure you’re agent will always be looking out for your best interests. Real estate agents do have a fiduciary responsibility/duty to their clients – that is, they are legally obligated to put clients’ best interests first. 

Sadly, though, a few agents fall short here and just chase the commission. But West USA Realty agents take this fiduciary responsibility very seriously. 

Remember: your agent will be privy to your most intimate financial details, so you must have an agent you can trust to guard confidentiality and do what is best for you.

Don’t Risk It . . . 

Ultimately, buying a home without a qualified agent you can trust can pose some pretty serious risks. So why take a chance? For buying a home in Chandler and protecting your interests, contact us today at (602) 430-5755.

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