Mission and Core Values of the Guaranteed Results Home Team

Mission and Core Values of the Guaranteed Offer Home Team

Mission and Core Values of the Guaranteed Offer Home Team

Hello, it’s Dave Larsen with the Guaranteed Results Home Team. Just wanted to share the mission and core values of  the Guaranteed Offer Home Team.

To put it quite simply, our mission in real estate and here at the guaranteed results home team is to elevate your lifestyle, your prosperity, and your standard of living through real estate! In short, we want to make sure that we make your world better by your experiences with us in real estate.

So to give you the start for me,  real estate is kind of in my blood. From my very earliest memories when I was a kid growing up in the 60’s, my grandparents were in real estate in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And when we visited them, it often seems like we ended up going out on real estate appointments, and I tagged with my grandparents. Everybody was having a lot of fun and happy when shopping for a home.  I do remember very vividly my grandparents delivering keys to a young couple for their first home! It was just the most exciting thing for that couple to get their new home, and kind of the coolest thing I’d ever seen. So from that moment on, I thought this might be something that I could do, and wanted to do. That’s how I got my start in real estate.

My Core Values that I strive for are helping my clients achieve their heart’s desire and with real estate!

What I mean by that is simply the dream of home ownership is a big one for us Americans. To go out and serve people’s needs every day in this arena, and focus on accomplishing my client’s goals, is really key to our values. I want to help them make sure that if someone wants to own a home, that we get them a home that exceeds their expectations.

Next is Second Mile Service!

This is a goal of going above and beyond what people expect. Everybody expects their realtor to write a good contract, to find them a nice home, and to make sure everything goes smoothly. We try and go do better than that by making it an exciting experience, helping get all those little questions that come up answered, anticipating problems and cutting them off at the pass so to speak, before they become problems, and just making sure that everything is done correctly for our clients.

We’re very results driven here!

I want to focus on delivering the results that our clients want and make the path to achieving those results clear and easy for our clients. So every step along the way is clear, and we explain everything step by step so that you, as a home buyer or home seller, know exactly what to expect and get your questions answered!

We also embracing Continuous Improvement in this ever changing world!

We’re always looking for opportunities to get better and to make the experience better for our clients. We choose to continually improve, and find new ways to make the real estate better.

Most importantly, we build relationships that last with our clients, and make Real Estate Fun! 

Work very hard to make sure that the home buying or home selling experience is fun rather than tedious and make it the fun experience that it should be for everybody. We want to be your Realtor for life!

The last thing that I’m going to touch is  my mission what I do is to elevate the people that we meet through real estate!

That’s why we have made a commitment here to support Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale that we do goes to support Arizona Friends of Foster Children, which is a local organization, just for kids here in Arizona. Kids in our foster care system often don’t get some of the things that we take for granted as part of growing up, like playing sports or going to camp or participating in music, whatever their interests might be. So this organization makes sure that there are funds available for those our Arizona foster kids to do those things. This helps give them a more normal experience in growing up and hopefully help’s them do better with life as adults.

So that’s kind of it in a nutshell! I appreciate any opportunity that we might have to help you or your friends or family with their real estate needs. And we’ll do our best to make sure it’s a fun and exciting experience, as it should be. You can always reach me easiest here on my cell at (602) 430-5755 and thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this. Bye bye now.

Mission and Core Values of the Guaranteed Offer Home Team
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