4 Ways to Know You Are Working With an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent in Chandler

4 Ways to Know You Are Working With an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent in Chandler

You certainly want your surgeon to have plenty of experience, and you should want your real estate agent to have ample experience. A brand-new agent may turn out to be just fine, but typically that’s not the case. Working with an experienced agent will provide you peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands – especially when there are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Read on to discover 4 ways to know you are working with an inexperienced real estate agent in Chandler.

1. Fails to Communicate and/or Prioritize Your Needs

An experienced real estate in Chandler agent will understand the value of frequent and fast communication, as well as her responsibility to prioritize your needs. But inexperienced agents often don’t do either of these things.

“When you hire a real estate agent to help you sell or buy a home, you’re relying on them to support you while you navigate a complex and often time-sensitive process. If you don’t get clear updates from your real estate agent and find it difficult to communicate with them, you risk missing out on good opportunities and the entire experience will be a lot more stressful than it needs to be.”

Ideally, when you contact your agent with a question or concern, she should get back to you within 24 to 48 hours at the most. In real estate, many things are highly time-critical, so beware of an agent who doesn’t return your calls or email in a timely matter – this is very often a sign of inexperience.

In addition, an inexperienced real estate agent may not prioritize you and your needs. 

“[I]t’s understandable why real estate agents get more excited about clients with expensive homes to sell or bigger budgets when buying. But just because a [smaller] commission is at stake, doesn’t mean your agent should treat you as less . . . If you get the sense that your agent isn’t prioritizing your needs (shows up late to appointments, doesn’t respond to your calls quickly, etc.) then they may be prioritizing their needs over yours. You want to work with an agent who is happy to show you as many listings as you need or puts as much effort into selling your home as they would if it was worth twice the price.”

2. Doesn’t Suggest Improvements

Almost every home needs repairs, improvements, and renovations before selling in order to fetch the best price possible. But if your real estate agent doesn’t suggest any improvements, then she very well may be inexperienced.

“If your real estate agent doesn’t think any home improvements need to be made when they do, you should consider hiring a more experienced agent. Your agent should be suggesting home improvements to generate more buyer interest and to secure a higher sales price.”

And the improvements don’t have to be costly major remodels. “Home improvements might include painting the walls a neutral color, updating the bathroom tile, new lighting fixtures, or possibly a new roof. Even small improvements, like decluttering, can result in more buyer interest and a generous profit. . . . Don’t settle for an agent who isn’t willing to go above and beyond to make sure your house looks its best before putting it on the market.”

3. Lacks Marketing Savvy

Marketing is hugely important in real estate. So steer clear of a real estate in [market_city] who doesn’t seem to have the requisite marketing savvy, and that means online marketing savvy in particular. 

  1. From Instagram and Facebook pages to professional brochures and mailings, [an experienced agent] will have multiple platforms for reaching buyers and sellers. If your real estate agent lacks a web presence, this is a problem. Simply placing a sign in the yard and listing your home on the MLS isn’t always enough to sell a home quickly and for the best price.” 

A good strategy here is to do a Google search to see what kind of web presence a particular real estate agent has. “If they have a great website and multiple active social media accounts, that’s a good sign that they have an audience and reach that will make selling the home easier.”

You should also ask an agent about her marketing plan for your home. If she can’t immediately outline an effective marketing plan, then she is likely inexperienced, and you should beware. Contact a Chandler agent at (602) 430-5755 to find out more about what you should know about marketing.

4. Lacks Negotiation Skills

This is where experience is absolutely necessary. Negotiation skills can only be learned through lots of hands-on experience in the trenches. And an inexperienced real estate agent just doesn’t have that and will most likely not be the negotiator you need.

“Being a strong negotiator,” industry pros say, “is a valuable skill set and likely one of the reasons you hired a real estate agent is to get help on the negotiation front. When you work with an agent that can negotiate on your behalf, they not only make your life a whole lot easier but, ideally, they should ensure you get the best deal possible. You don’t want to sell your house for less than it’s worth or give up contingencies when buying if you can avoid it.”

Where to Find an Experienced Chandler Real Estate Agent

These are some telltale signs of an inexperienced agent, but there are many more. And ultimately it’s hard for the layman to tell for sure. So don’t get taken in. Go straight to an agency known for its experienced agents. For an experienced real estate agent in Chandler, contact us today at (602) 430-5755.

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