Summer Decor Trends to Help Your Listing Stand Out in Chandler

The traditional time of year where the real estate market really heats up is the summer months. Summer brings additional buyer demand, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to make your home sale a great success. To keep your home listing headed in the right direction, here are summer decor trends to help your listing stand out in Chandler.

Let Curb Appeal Do the Heavy Lifting

It cannot be overstated just how much curb appeal ends up creating a first impression that then carries potential buyers through the entire showing or open house. 

You want to ensure that any buyers that come by to take a look at your home immediately fall in love with how welcoming it is, and that then draws them into the front door. You can accomplish this by keeping the lawn mowed and any planters both covered with fresh mulch and free of weeds. 

Use a pressure washer to meticulously clean the exterior of your home with a quality house cleaner, and make sure you follow the product’s instructions carefully. Washing off your home’s gutters and any sidewalks, walkways, and driveways with the pressure washer will put the amazing finishing touches on this project.

Feature the Outdoors

While during all seasons we would recommend keeping your blinds and windows open to allow as much natural light in as possible, this is especially true in the summer. 

Cleaning or laundering curtains or blinds a day or two before any showings can aid in highlighting the light exposure of your home and making your listing stand out in Chandler. The same can definitely be said for cleaning both the interior and exterior of any windows with your preferred glass cleaning product. The difference doing something as simple as wiping down both sides of your windows makes to buyers is well worth your time.

Another thing you can do is organize any patio furniture to help create an area for entertaining. Sprucing this entertainment area up with some potted plants is a great way to smoothly transition from indoors to outdoors and adds some more color. 

Try to find a focal point on which to center the entertainment area, such as a picnic table or the very in-vogue firepit, to help tie everything together.

Take Time to Prepare for Showings

A lot of homeowners go through the motions of deep cleaning their homes just before putting their home on the market and then fail to keep up with maintaining that level of cleanliness. 

It’s extremely important that you don’t let clutter reconvene in your home in order to keep it looking its best at all times. You want to stay on top of the cleaning so that you are ready to go if there is little notice for a private showing. 

However, other things can be done in preparation for showings where you have time to get everything ready. 

First, turning your air conditioning on and giving it time to reach the desired interior temperature can make a huge difference to buyers while highlighting the working, efficient infrastructure of your home. Next, take a moment to both water any plants and wipe down any sinks and faucets. Finally, flushing your toilets is a good idea to make sure they are running clear and easy.

Bring in the Professionals

An important final piece of the puzzle is to consult your agent and take any of their suggestions into serious consideration. 

Your agent has the local market knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction and help your listing stand out in Chandler. Ask any questions that come up and understand that your successful home sale is theirs as well. 

Make sure to use your agent’s pool of resources effectively to benefit your home sale from beginning to end.

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