Why You Need To Have An Open House For Your Chandler Home

Have An Open House

Once upon a time not so long ago, it was just standard procedure to have an open house as part of the process of selling a home. Now, though, many consider the practice outdated, not very useful, and just a way for your agent to generate leads. But combined with a robust online marketing strategy, open houses (contrary to what some say) can still play an important role in selling homes. So let’s consider why you need to have an open house for your Chandler home.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

If it doesn’t cost very much and adds even slightly to your marketing momentum, then there’s really no good reason not to have an open house for your Chandler home. You’ve probably already listed your home with an agency, so that’s done. And now all you have to do for the open house is spend a few dollars on ads and refreshments (and maybe a few cut flowers) – and then keep your fingers crossed for favorable weather.

Helps Reduce Marketing Expenses

So, will you get an offer if you have an open house for your Chandler home? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s beside the point, really. An open house is just one more tool in your marketing toolbox. And you need all of them because they work together in a complementary fashion. This also means that if you have an open house, you can reduce your overall marketing costs (in both money and effort) because the open house will add to the overall marketing momentum, and, as a result, you won’t have to spend as much on other marketing channels.

Offers a Chance to Rise Above the Competition

An open house also affords you the opportunity to make your house stand out from the others for sale in the area and so rise above the competition. For one thing, you actually get potential buyers into your home and don’t have to depend on photos to convey its feel and features. Buyers will be able to experience directly and immediately the effects of the professional staging you paid for. And you can point out to buyers your home’s features in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Basically, an open house allows buyers to see how your home outshines similar homes for sale in the neighborhood.

Let’s You Inform Them About Amenities

If you have an open house for your Chandler home, you then have a chance to inform interested potential buyers about all the local amenities –which can be more important to some buyers than the actual features of the house. An open house will let you talk casually to buyers about local schools, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. And you won’t be doing it as part of a sales pitch.

Potential Buyers Won’t Feel Pressured

Unlike an actual home viewing, where a sale is the ultimate goal, an open house is relaxed and doesn’t involve any of that sales pressure. People can tour your home leisurely without that pressure, lingering over points that interest them. The laid-back nature of an open house lets potential buyers fully experience and absorb the “feel” of your home. Without time constraints or sales pressure, potential buyers can analyze your home in detail and discover reasons to like it. Even if they don’t make an offer, it doesn’t end there. Those people probably know other people in the market for a new home who will be interested in yours and will tell them.

So should you still have an open house for your Chandler home? Absolutely. Even if it doesn’t result in a sale, it adds to your total marketing efforts. Want to discover even more about marketing and selling your Chandler home? Then give us a call today at (602) 430-5755.

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