Chandler Arizona Homes With Pool

Chandler Arizona Homes With Pool!

Below are the NEWEST Homes with Private Pool for Sale in Chandler Arizona from our Arizona Multiple Listing Service, plus it’s updated every 5 Minutes!  Yes, that means EVERY home from EVERY Real Estate Company that is currently for sale. You don’t have to hop around to various websites to find all the newest, hottest Chandler Arizona homes with pool!

As everyone knows, it’s hot in Arizona in the summer, and the late spring, and early fall! Most of us don’t want to stay inside for the six months of the year that are warm in Arizona.

This page is designed to help you see all the pool homes currently available in Chandler Arizona. We can help you find swimming pools in any part of the valley you’d like, but this page is specifically for Chandler Arizona homes with pool.

Chandler Arizona Homes With Pool
Chandler Arizona Homes With Pool

Pools have a long and fascinating history, going back 5,000 years! Almost all the pools for the first several thousand years were public pools. It wasn’t until the 17th century, in England, that private pools became popular, and even then, it they were only for the ultra-wealthy.

Private swimming pools didn’t become common in America until after World War II. As Hollywood movies showed America, and Arizona, the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, a swimming pool became a status symbol, and sought after. This is also about the time the Phoenix area blossomed with returning veterans looking for a new way of life. As swimming pools evolved they became more and more within reach of the average consumer. Arizona families began to realize how much entertainment, enjoyment, and yes, “status” a swimming pool could bring them.

How do I maintain my Chandler Arizona home with a pool?

One question I often get asked by folks looking for a home with a pool is what does it cost? My experience with owning pools for the last 40 years suggests it costs around $100 month to maintain a pool if you do it yourself. We modern pool vacuum systems and cleaning systems it’s not hard to do.

If you’d prefer to hire a pool contractor to come in once a week to maintain your pool, the Phoenix market averages $105 to $150/month for pool service.

The other question that comes up quite frequently is how expensive is the water bill for a pool home. I’ve found it to be very comparable to the cost of a lawn. My backyard has half grass and half pool. My water bill in Chandler runs $70-80/month.

The big take away is, it’s not hard to maintain Chandler Arizona homes with pool.

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Why should you work with West USA Realty in purchasing a Chandler Arizona home with a pool?

West USA Realty is the #1 expert in Chandler Arizona. If you’re looking for a home with a swimming pool, we’d love to work with you! There are lots of variables when it comes to buying or selling a pool homes and it can be a big investment. We’d love to help you avoid the common mistakes that first time pool home buyers make… and we’ll help you get top dollar for your Chandler AZ swimming pool property when you’re looking to sell too! To find out more about West USA Realty click here!


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